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Cirrus Aircraft Transition Training

Tour the great Australian land in safety, comfort and style!

Tired of flying a 40 year-old “spam can?” Looking for a modern, high performance luxury touring aircraft? Look no further!

AAA provides Cirrus Aircraft Transition and CAPS™ Training on a mint condition Cirrus SR20 GTS with Garmin Perspective avionics and autopilot systems, air conditioning and of course, Cirrus Aircraft’s patented CAPS ballistic parachute system – guaranteed to save lives when deployed within operating parameters.

Cirrus Transition training includes type-specific training on:

  • Aircraft systems, design features and CAPS;
  • Aircraft general handling, circuits and emergency procedures;
  • Autopilot and Flight Management System use;
  • Traffic & Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems.

Transition training is competency-based and the aircraft is available for hire to holders of a PPL or higher upon completion of the course.

Download course information sheet: