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Tail Wheel Endorsement Course

Are you ready for the next challenge in your flying? Upgrade your skills with a tail wheel endorsement!

Not only will the course improve your landing skills, it also allows you to fly a wide variety of sport aircraft such as the Vans RV series and is even commercially relevant for those interested in a career in aerial agriculture!

AAA’s comprehensive tail wheel endorsement course will give you the skills necessary to safely and proficiently operate “conventional undercarriage” aircraft. You will learn how to perform three-point and “wheeler” landings, as well as conduct normal, flapless and short-field take-offs and landings, culminating in the issue of a CASA Tail Wheel Undercarriage design feature endorsement.

The AAA tail wheel endorsement course is currently carried out in an immaculate, late-model American Champion Scout – a light utility aircraft with a 180 hp Lycoming engine and constant speed propeller, so you gain CSU (MPPC) and tailwheel design feature endorsements concurrently.

Although not required for tail wheel endorsement, it is recommended that course candidates have completed the Academy’s Advanced Handling Skills (AHS) course, as this will assist greatly in the ability to fly a consistent, stabilised approach – a critical component of good tail wheel technique!

As with all AAA flight training courses, endorsement is subject to competency-based assessment and elements of the course may need to be repeated until the required competency is attained.

Course information .pdfAAA Tailwheel Endorsement Course information