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Experience Duration: 45 mins

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Experience Details

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE adrenaline rush, then you need the AAA EXTREME AEROBATICS Experience!

Fly in our brand new Extra NG aerobatic aeroplane – the highest performing two-seat certified aerobatic aircraft IN THE WORLD!

With a maximum speed of 400 kph, G-forces of up to +/- 8G’s, and a roll rate in excess of 400 degrees per second, you will experience everything that that a high performance aerobatic aircraft is capable of, including:

  • Loops – half loops, three quarter loops, cuban eights, square loops
  • Rolls – slow rolls, hesitation rolls, postive and negative snap rolls
  • Vertical reversals (hammerheads)
  • Upright and inverted spins
  • Tailslides, tumbles, torque rolls and MORE!

When you arrive at Bankstown Airport, you will meet your pilot who will give you a safety briefing and strap you into the aircraft.  Be prepared to be amazed – our pilots are experienced competition pilots at the Unlimited level and have been coached by world champions!

After take-off you will fly over Sydney’s western suburbs and towards the Blue Mountains. At the aerobatic area, your pilot will introduce you to the basics of the looping rolling and vertical reversals. Once comfortable with the sensations of aerobatic flight, your pilot will build upon the repetoire, exploring upright and inverted flight manoueuvres, spins and snap rolls before culminating in an airshow routine that will, quite simply, BLOW YOUR MIND!

You will then return for a landing back at Bankstown where you will be hard-pressed to stop smiling for the rest of the day!

Experience Inclusions

The AAA EXTREME AEROBATICS Experience is a 45 minute session which includes:

  • 15 minute pre-flight safety & orientation briefing;
  • 30 minute flight (approx.) including extreme aerobatic flight.

Experience Cost, Availability and Restrictions:

  • This experience is available 7 days a week (except some public holidays).
  • In-flight HD video of the flight is available for pre-purchase at a discounted rate of $59.00, or $75.00 on the day of the flight.
  • Participant weight limitation of 100 kg applies to this flight


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flight duration: 30 mins (Approx.)