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Pitts Special Conversion Training

Are you ready for more horsepower, roll rate and manoeuvrability? Your next aerobatic challenge awaits you with the Pitts Special S-2A!

At the heart of the Academy’s philosophy is the introduction of aerobatic pilots to aircraft which will provide them the opportunity to become masters of the art of precision flying. Nearly every champion aerobatic pilot in the Western world has experienced the aerobatic magic of the Pitts Special! The Academy is proud to offer Pitts Special conversion training to those aerobatic pilots who show dedication and ability in the lower categories of competition in our magnificent Pitts S-2A. Having “learned your trade” in the Academy’s Robin 2160i or similar aerobatic trainer, your hunger for more performance will be well satisfied after completing our comprehensive conversion course.

The Pitts Special S-2A is the first of the 2-seat production variants of the well-known aerobatic biplanes first designed by Curtis Pitts in 1943. The S-2A is nimble enough to be a contender in Sportsman and Intermediate aerobatic competition categories, and economical enough with it’s 200 hp engine that it won’t break the budget! It is the perfect advanced trainer for experienced aerobatic pilots who wish to move onto Unlimited class aircraft over time.

AAA’s Pitts Special conversion course will give you the skills necessary to safely and proficiently operate high performance aerobatic aircraft. You will learn how to perform upright, inverted and cross-over spins, perform advanced aerobatics including sustained negative “G” manoeuvres, recover from mishandled manoeuvres and emergency scenarios and most importantly of all, to take-off and land safely!

As with all AAA flight training courses, successful conversion is subject to competency-based assessment and elements of the course may need to be repeated until the required competency is attained.