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CSU / RU Design Feature Endorsements

Advanced aircraft for greater range, speed & payload

Constant Speed Propeller (now known as Manual Propeller Pitch Control – MPPC) and Retractable Undercarriage (RU) endorsements pave the way for bigger, faster aircraft with greater range and payload, as well as high performance aerobatic aircraft.

AAA provides MPPC and RU design feature endorsements on an immaculate Piper Arrow III. The Arrow is also available for PPL and CPL training and offers comfortable, economical touring.

The aircraft is available for hire upon completion of the course.

For extended touring, we also have a Beechcraft Debonair for hire.

Note: CSU endorsements can also be conducted in conjunction with a Tail Wheel Design Feature endorsement if desired. See our Tail Wheel Endorsement Course page for details!