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Advanced Aerobatics Courses

Go beyond the basics and roll with Australia’s aerobatic champions!

The Australian Aerobatic Academy’s “post-graduate” aerobatics courses are designed to expand your aerobatic repertoire and increase your skills to be capable of world-class aerobatics!

These courses build upon the AAA Basic Aerobatic Course with additional manouevres and skills. You will begin with advanced rolling manoeuvres, followed by combination manoeuvres and ultimately low level aerobatics below 3000’ AGL as your skills and experience increase.

AAA’s advanced aerobatics courses are closely aligned with the Australian Aerobatic Club competition grades to allow graduates to compete upon completion. Aerobatic competition is the best way to provide feedback on your skills and challenge you further as you strive for perfection.

Once you have mastered the capability of the Robin 2160i, AAA offers an upgrade to the ubiquitous Pitts Special S-2A—the aircraft that has made more aerobatic champions the world over than any other aircraft! The Pitts Special is an excellent aircraft to begin your transition to higher-performance aerobatic aircraft, with it’s higher roll rate, greater horsepower and capability of sustained negative G manoeuvres.

With AAA’s rich competition heritage, you can be assured of being trained by Australia’s top aerobatic instructors and pilots. AAA’s Chief Flying Instructor has been active in competition aerobatics for the past 20 years as a competitor, coach, judge and contest organiser & director. AAA has fielded a team to almost EVERY Australian competition since it’s inception, with competitors in every grade from Entry to Unlimited!

Progression through our post-graduate aerobatics courses is very much as your time, funds and desires permit. Each manoeuvre includes a briefing and aircraft are charged at standard rates. Once competency is attained you can practice to your heart’s desire until you decide to add a new figure to the sequence. As such, course costs will vary between individuals.

AAA Entry Category course:
  • Barrel rolls
  • Inverted flight
  • Slow rolls
AAA Graduate Category course:
  • Competition Spins
  • Half cuban eight
  • Roll-off-the-top (Immelmann)
AAA Sportsman Category course:
  • Humpty-bumps & “Sharpies”
  • Half reverse cuban eight
  • Snap (flick) rolls
  • Hesitation rolls
Low level aerobatics flight activity endorsements:

For those wishing to fly competition at the state, national and even international levels, the Australian Aerobatic Academy’s Low Level Aerobatics Courses consists of a series of tutorials and flights designed to instill confidence, safety and proficiency at performing aerobatics below 3000 feet AGL. The courses concentrate on energy management, geographic positioning and low level aerobatic sequence design & flying.

Download course information sheet:

AAA Advanced Aerobatics Course info .pdf