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Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

UPRT course info .pdfDon’t become just another aviation safety statistic! Learn the skills to SURVIVE!

Are you…..

  • Uncomfortable in slow speed turning flight?
  • Apprehensive near the stall or lose excessive height in recovery?
  • Concerned of your chances of survival in an engine failure scenario?
  • Unaware of the exact limits of your aircraft’s performance capability?
  • Afraid to “cross controls” for fear of a spin?
  • Doubtful about your ability to cope with a unplanned upset or departure from the intended flight path, speed or attitude?
  • Unable to recognise an impending stall without reference to the ASI?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions…


The second-highest cause of accidents in aircraft is loss-of-control according to continuing ATSB statistics. The primary cause remains “collision with terrain” – mostly as a result of losing control!

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), now realising the increasing impact of loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) events worldwide, is committed to “...reducing LOC-I <as> a global aviation safety priority“(sic.) by mandating UPRT for commercial pilots.

This doesn’t exclude the recreational or private pilot from increasing their skills. ALL pilots need to understand and control the environment in which they operate! UPRT provides an additional layer of protection against unplanned loss-of-control events.

Too many people are needlessly killed in aeroplane accidents because of a lack of understanding, recognition or recovery from impending or inadvertent loss-of-control! Don’t let THIS happen to you…

The Academy’s UPRT  course is a defensive driving course for pilots! Our course consists of 5 lessons, each designed to increase your flight safety by providing a greater awareness of aircraft capability and confidence in the ability to recognise, avoid and recover if necessary from unexpected adverse aircraft control events or “upsets.”

Our comprehensive UPRT course includes:

  • Confident and accurate flight path control and energy management;
  • Nose high and nose low upset awareness and recovery;
  • Advanced stall recognition and recovery;
  • Stall / spin awareness and prevention;
  • Fully-developed & incipient spin recovery; and
  • Emergency scenario training. 

Skills are learned in a controlled environment with strict performance parameters to maintain safety. Some aerobatic manoeuvres are used to demonstrate the full capability of an aircraft, as well as expose you to the likely adverse effects of incorrect or mishandled recovery techniques. This is backed up with comprehensive pre-flight briefings to gain greater knowledge of HOW and WHY pilots lose control.

Due to the condensed nature of the course, the aerobatic manoeuvres and spinning conducted are not available for endorsement. However, credit will be given toward the successful completion of an AAA Aerobatic Course based on competency if desired.

You don’t need to worry about how to fly a new aircraft type or learn local airport procedures! Our instructors will take care of that for you so you can concentrate on learning the techniques which may ultimately save your life!

If you are an Experimental aircraft owner, you may complete the course in YOUR aircraft! (subject to assessment and suitability) Our instructors are experienced in many different types of light aircraft including the popular Vans RV series. If you choose to use your aircraft, please note that some aspects of the course can only be completed in an aircraft with aerobatic capability. However, our instructors are available upon completion of the course to show you how your newly-learned skills apply in your regular aircraft within it’s limitations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn the skills you need to fly with complete confidence TODAY!