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AAA Aerobatic Course

Aerobatics & spinning endorsements

AAA Aerobatic Course info .pdfLearn the art of aerial precision, freedom & control!

The AAA Aerobatic Course is the most comprehensive advanced flight handling skills course in Australia! We combine aerobatics and spinning endorsements, UPRT and advanced handling techniques to make you a safer, more proficient pilot.

Aerobatics is FUN! It is the only way to truly understand and enjoy the pure three dimensional freedom of controlled flight, and you don’t have to be the next “Top Gun” to do it! The ability to perform simple loops and rolls is a skill that provides a level of flying confidence and exhilaration that continues to elude “mainstream” flight training today.

Conducted in the Robin 2160i, the course is designed to teach licensed pilots with no previous aerobatic experience the skills and knowledge required to conduct safe, proficient aerobatic flight manoeuvres. Not only will you learn how to perform individual manoeuvres, you will learn how to fly them in sequence as well as recognise and recover from mishandled manoeuvres in safety, and have fun doing so!

The course also incorporates all element of the Academy’s Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) course. This examines every aspect of the aerodynamic flight envelope, as well as how to cope with various emergency situations in realistic, scenario-based training.

Upon graduation, you will qualify for CASA Part 61 Aerobatics and Spinning Flight Activity Endorsements, be able to take up passengers in the Robin 2160, fly aerobatics and spins, and be confident in your ability to do so safely!

The AAA Aerobatic Course includes:

  • CASA Part 61 Aerobatics & Spinning Flight Activity Endorsements
  • Robin 2160i  / Alpha 160A type conversion
  • Precision flight path & approach control techniques
  • Advanced stall awareness, recognition and recovery
  • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) incl. stall/spin scenario training, unplanned upsets and engine failure contingencies
  • Fully developed stable, unstable & incipient spins incl. emergency spin recovery technique
  • Loops
  • Aileron rolls
  • Wing-overs (“lazy eight”)
  • Stall turns
  • Hi-“G” turns (≥ +2G)

Already have some aerobatic experience? If you already have some experience in aerobatics, and you are looking to expand your skills, then please look at our advanced aerobatics courses. These “post-graduate” courses will give you the skills and knowledge to progress from a “basic aerobatic endorsement” to as far you want to take your aerobatic development – all the way to Unlimited world level competition if you so desire!

The Academy can also conduct aerobatics training for owners of aerobatic-capable Experimental category aircraft subject to assessment and suitability – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Need an Aeroplane Flight Review or thinking of converting your RA-Aus certificate to a CASA RPL? This course is a fantastic way to expand your skills and meet the relevant CASA requirements! Contact us for more details.