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Using the right tool for the job…

Whether you are learning to fly from the beginning, learning aerobatics, fine-tuning your aircraft handling skills, or want a fast and reliable touring aircraft, the Academy has a comprehensive and modern fleet of aircraft to do the job right!

Robin R2160i:

The Australian Aerobatic Academy uses the fuel injected Robin 2160i as it’s primary training aircraft. The Robin R2000 series aircraft have been designed with flight training across the entire flight envelope as their design goal. The aircraft has good aerobatic performance, stable spin characteristics, sound general handling and predictable stall characteristics; all of which makes it a fantastic trainer. All aerobatic and primary training courses courses are conducted in the Robin, along with the AAA “UFLY!” Aerobatic flight training experience.

Pitts Special S-2A

For those looking for an aerobatic aircraft to go beyond the basics and into serious competition, the Pitts Special S-2A is the perfect platform. Capable of sustained negative “G” manoeuvres, inverted spins and with higher manoeuvrability, the S-2A is perfect for up to Intermediate category aerobatics. The Pitts S-2A is available to pilots completing our Advanced Aerobatics Courses, a low level aerobatics endorsement to 1500 ft AGL and tail-wheel endorsement.

American Champion Scout 8GCBC

Scout 8GCBCThe Scout 8GCBC is a true “bush” plane a derivative of the venerable Citabria often used for tailwheel endorsement training. With a 180hp engine and Constant Speed Propeller, it has the payload, range and short field performance to go just about anywhere!  The Scout is used for Tailwheel and CSU design feature endorsements and is available for hire post-endorsement.

Beechcraft C33 Debonair

C33 Bonanza


The Beechcraft Debonair is a four seat version of the famous Bonanza  series of aircraft, known for their ruggedness, reliability and honest flying characteristics.  The Debonair is used for CSU and Retractable Undercarriage design feature endorsements, and is available for post-PPL hire and CPL training.

Yakovlev “YAK 52TW”

Yak 52TW in flight


The Yak 52TW a modern-build, tailwheel version of the Russian YAK 52 trainer. Used by the Soviets to train pilots for the USSR Airforce, this unique machine is available for dual air experience flights for licenced or student pilots wanting to try something different, and is also available for adventure flights through Air Combat Experience Sydney (ACES).