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Spin Endorsement Training

Giving new instructors the skills to teach with confidence.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Grade Three Flight Instructor Rating syllabus requires trainee instructors to be endorsed to conduct fully developed spins to ensure that flight instructor trainees are proficient at spin recovery techniques before teaching incipient spinning (CASR Table 61.1235 Item 3A).

Unfortunately for most flight training organisations, finding a training aircraft with fully-developed spin recovery capability, as well as a qualified instructor experienced in such instruction, can be costly, time-consuming and not have the desired outcome! This can lead to a serious gap in confidence and awareness of stall / spin recovery for new instructors.

The Academy’s Robin 2160i is the ideal spin training aircraft. With completely predictable spin characteristics, it is similar in performance to most trainee instructor’s initial training aircraft, such as the Piper PA28 series. This is a far cry from under-powered Cessna 152  that takes an eternity to climb to height (wasting time and money), and “fire-breathing monsters” like the Pitts Special, which tend to be more intimidating than helpful in providing positive learning outcomes with inexperienced pilots.

Even if you’re a Recreational, Private or Commercial pilot, this brief course is a great asset! Previously optional under the CASA Commercial Pilot Licence syllabus, the new Part 61 Manual of Standards have now removed this requirement from CPL training completely! Under the expert guidance of experienced instructors, you will be exposed you to stall / spin recognition and emergency recovery techniques and debunk the myths and fears of the “dreaded tailspin!”

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! Refer your instructor trainees to the aerobatic and spin recovery experts at the Australian Aerobatic Academy! We are the preferred supplier of flight instructor spin training to a number of organisations who conduct flight instructor rating training, and can tailor a course to suit your organisation’s requirements.

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