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Pilots and Instructors

At the Australian Aerobatic Academy, we don’t believe in the concept of producing masses of minimum-standard pilots in the minimum possible time or budget with instructors of minimum experience requirements.  Our team of dedicated, experienced professionals guarantee to provide you with personalised, high quality tuition.

Some of our instructors and pilots backgrounds are listed below:

Peter TownsendPeter Townsend is the Chief Flying Instructor, Chief Pilot and co-director of the Academy. With over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, Peter learned his skills at the Sydney Aerobatic School, where he started from the ground up as an operations officer. He then became a aerobatic charter pilot and flight instructor, while also working in airline flight operations. Peter has been actively involved in aerobatic competition since 1998, where he became the National Champion in the Basic category. Peter has flown aircraft ranging from gliders to corporate jets and holds a Bachelor of Aviation (Operations Management) from UNSW. In 2022 he was awarded the CASA “Flight Instructor of the Year” Award.


Cass MoellerCass Moeller is a commercial aerobatic pilot and co-director of the Academy. Cass has a broad range of experience in General Aviation and airline flight operations and holds degrees in Aeronautical Engineering & Commerce from the University of Sydney. In 2013 Cass won the AAC Matt Hall Racing Scholarship for exemplary sportsmanship and airmanship in Australian competition aerobatics. In 2018 she was crowned the Australian National Aerobatic Champion – the first woman to do so in 23 years!

Pete & Cass founded the Australian Aerobatic Academy in 2010 with the aim of continuing the proud traditions of the Sydney Aerobatic School, where they had both previously worked and trained, in providing high quality aerobatic, advanced handling and primary flight training with exceptional customer service. They fly their own Extra 330SC and routinely compete in and provide coaching for Australian aerobatic competitions. In 2020, both Pete & Cass received the FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma for their “remarkable service to sport aviation” in the field of competition aerobatics.


Doug Nidzovic

Doug Nidzovic is a career flight instructor with over 25 years instructional experience as a Grade 1 flying instructor. As a graduate of the Sydney Aerobatic School’s first flying instructor course, Doug has a wealth of experience in the training methods and techniques employed by the Academy, joining the AAA team in 2013.