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Commercial Pilot Licence Course | Australian Aerobatic Academy

AAA CPL Course

CPL (non-integrated) Course informationWant the dream job of being a pilot? You need our Commercial Pilot Licence course!

There are many pilot jobs available: airlines, corporate charter, flight instruction, joy flights, aerial agriculture & aero-medical transport to name a few. All have their different challenges and rewards. To start with however, you need to pass the CASA Commercial Pilot Licence flight test!

AAA is a CASA-approved Part 141 training provider offering a 200 hour (non-integrated) CPL qualification. What this means for the new student is that after you have learned to fly (RPL course) and learned to navigate (PPL course), you now need to build pilot-in-command experience to satisfy the minimum experience requirements for the CPL.

The AAA CPL course is designed to develop General Handling, Instrument Flight, Navigation & Emergency Procedures skills to those befitting a professional aviator. Commercial scenarios are used to provide an element of realism and to encourage safe flight outcomes whilst under pressure.

AAA recommends completing our AAA NVFR course as a pre-requisite – a handy tool for any commercial pilot in order to not be constrained by daylight hours. The instrument hours accrued on the NVFR course also go toward satisfying the instrument and total flight time required for the CPL.

CPL training is competency-based and subject to an initial assessment flight to gauge the candidate’s current standard against the CASA Part 61 Manual of Standards. From there, the syllabus is adjusted to suit individual requirements. As such, it is difficult to provide an overall cost for the CPL, especially when the varied ways in which to build command time are considered.

For more details, contact us to make a time to speak with our Chief Flying Instructor.