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Formation Flying Course

What’s better than just flying? Flying in FORMATION!

Who hasn’t been thrilled at the sight of precision formation flying teams as they move across the sky, seemingly as if they were tied together? There’s no magic trick—just skill, practice and discipline!

The AAA Formation Flying course is designed to teach licensed pilots the techniques, skills and knowledge required to conduct safe, proficient formation flight.

The course begins with a tutorial on the fundamentals of formation flight, including the all-important pre-flight briefing, the roles of the leader and wingman and techniques for staying safely “on the wing.”

The flying component includes:

  • Station keeping and station changes;
  •  Manoeuvring as a formation;
  • Break-away and re-join procedures; and
  • Formation take-offs and landings.

The AAA Formation Flying Course is great for pilots wanting to up-skill their RPL or PPL and will refine both your “stick and rudder” skills and airborne situational awareness to a degree unparalleled in single-aircraft flight.

Completion of the course provides a CASR Part 61 Formation Flying endorsement.

Please note: We recommend you have a formation partner when commencing this course, however, if you do not have one there are options available! Training may also be conducted in your own aircraft. Please contact us to discuss.