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Team AAA success at the 2018 AAC National Championships!

Congratulations to Team AAA at their recent success at the 2018 AAC National Championships!

AAA fielded a team of 8 competitors across every category from Graduate through to Unlimited, along with a gaggle of supporters and a team engineer.

The annual event was held at Narromine, NSW and drew competitors from Victoria, South Australia, NSW and even Tasmania!

A huge congratulations go out to team organiser and co-owner of the Academy, Cass Moeller, on being the first woman to become Australia’s Unlimited Aerobatic champion since 1995!

Here is an article courtesy of the ABC on Cass’ national title win:

Proof once again that the Australian Aerobatic Academy produces some of the best aerobatic pilots in the country. Take the the first step in rolling with Australia’s aerobatic champions and learn to loop, roll and spin with our Basic Aerobatic Course?