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Flight Duration: 60 mins. | Price $559

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Experience Details

Combine an instructional aerobatic flight with the best views of the “Harbour City” and what do you get? The AAA UFLY SCENIC Aerobatic Experience!

Experience the magic of pure three-dimensional aerobatic flight and the best views of Sydney under the guidance and safety of one of our highly-trained and qualified instructors.

Taking off from Bankstown Airport and heading up over the northern suburbs of Sydney you learn to climb, turn and descend. When you reach Palm Beach you will learn how to LOOP & ROLL over the northern beaches of beautiful Sydney!

No prior flying experience is required! Depending upon the weather conditions, you may be able to fly the aircraft all the way from take-off to landing.

On the way home, you have the opportunity to see what the Robin 2160 aerobatic trainer is really capable of, with your instructor demonstrating the aerobatic capability of the Robin with speeds up to 325km/h and G forces up to +6G’s!

Experience Inclusions

The AAA UFLY SCENIC Aerobatic Experience includes:

  1. 15 minute pre-flight safety & orientation briefing;
  2. 60 minute flight (approx.) including dual instruction in loops and rolls.

Experience Cost & Availability:

  • This experience is available 7 days a week (except some public holidays).
  • In-flight HD video of the flight is available for separate purchase on the day of the flight.
  • Participant weight limitation of 95 kg applies to this flight

Book Online today for a 5% discount

online now!
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flight duration: 1 hour (Approx.)