The rates below are applicable to customers undergoing training and subsequent hire with the Academy. For AAA joy flight prices, please see our JOY FLIGHTS page.

Our rates are charged per operating hour pro rata for both aircraft and instructors. Whilst aircraft and instructor rates may vary from time to time, we always strive to give you the very best value for your training dollar.

All prices below are per operating (“VDO”) hour and include GST, landing / movement fees at Bankstown (YSBK) and are current as of  05 March 2018.

Robin 2160i Aircraft hire $299.00 /  hr
Citabria Aircraft hire $289.00 / hr
Pitts S-2A Aircraft hire $399.00 / hr
Commander 112B

Cirrus SR20


Aircraft hire

Aircraft hire


$329.00 / hr

$471.00 / hr


Out-landings per airport operator
Instructor Dual $120 / hr
   Pitts surcharge $20 / hr
Solo supervision $20 / flight
“BYO aircraft” fee $30 / hr
  Briefings Short (0-20 min) $33.00
   Medium (21-40 min) $66.00
   Long (41-60 min) $99.00
Tutorial $198.00

AAA Aircraft &  Instructor hire cancellation policy (not applicable to AAA Joy Flight Experiences – see Terms & Conditions page):

For any booking no-show, or cancellation due to an avoidable cause within 24 hours, the following fees will apply:
  1. For private hire or solo bookings: $198.00
  2. For dual bookings: $396.00

However, if your slot is able to be filled the applicable fee will be waived.

AAA Course Costs:

As all AAA courses are competency-based, course completion costs will vary between individuals. Please click on the link below for indicative course costs:

AAA Course Costs