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Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of aerobatics? Or perhaps take in the sights of Sydney from a unique perspective? How about putting your skills to the test and performing a loop and roll yourself?!

Let our highly-trained & experienced pilots and instructors take you on the adventure of a lifetime with our AAA Joy Flight Experiences!

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Helicopter Flights Sydney | Scenic Flights Sydney | Joy Flights SydneyAAA UFLY Aerobatics Experience:

The ultimate flight training experience! Have one our our highly qualified and experienced instructors teach you to LOOP and ROLL one of AAA’s primary training aircraft – the fully-aerobatic Robin 2160i – over the skies of Sydney! No previous flying experience is required!

Price: $419.00 (incl.GST) Flight duration: 45 mins (approx.) More details: HERE





AAA UFLY PLUS Aerobatic Experience:

Go beyond the basics and be a REAL aerobatic pilot! Fly the Pitts Special high performance aerobatic biplane with one of Australia’s current aerobatic champion instructors! Perform loops, rolls and more under instruction! Experience what the world’s most awarded competition aerobatic aircraft can do in the hands of an experienced competition pilot!

***Please note: prior instructional flying experience is required for this flight***

Price: $499.00 (incl.GST) Flight duration: 45 mins (approx.) More details: HERE BUY NOW!



AAA UFLY SCENIC Aerobatic Experience:

Extend your experience and enjoy the freedom of aerobatic flight as well as the best views of Sydney as you learn to LOOP and ROLL over Sydney’s northern beaches! Flown in our Robin 2160 training aircraft with a highly experienced and qualified instructor, no previous flying experience is required!

Price: $559.00 (incl.GST) Flight duration: 60 mins (approx.) More details: HERE