AAA Low Level Aerobatics Course

For those wishing to fly serious competition at the state, national and even international levels, the Australian Aerobatic Academy’s Low Level Aerobatics Course consists of a series of pre-flight briefings and flights designed to instil confidence, safety and proficiency at performing aerobatics below 3000 feet AGL. The course concentrates on energy management, geographic positioning and low level aerobatic sequence flying, specifically with regard to go / no-go criteria and escape manoeuvres.

Successful completion of the course is subject to a final assessment flight including aerobatic sequence flying and emergency procedures as part of the Academy’s ongoing commitment to flight safety standards, culminating in the issue of a 1500 feet AGL low level aerobatic endorsement.

The Academy provides low level aerobatic training and assessment for the issue of aerobatics flight activity endorsements to 500’ AGL. Please contact us for details.


 AAA Low Level Aerobatics Course Pre-requisites:
  1. Be a graduate of the AAA Graduate Category Aerobatic Course (GRA) or recognised equivalent; or
  2. Have competed at least Entry level in AAC competition (or equivalent); and
  3. Be type-checked on the training aircraft.