AAA Advanced Aircraft & Cirrus Transition Training

For those interested in higher performance touring aircraft, AAA offers an Advanced Aircraft Conversion Course (AACC) and Cirrus Aircraft Transition & CAPS Training 

The Advanced Aircraft Conversion Course is currently conducted in this immaculate example of a Rockwell Commander 112B.

Completion of the course results in the issue of Manual Propeller Pitch Control (Constant Speed Propeller) & Retractable Undercarriage design feature endorsements

AAA is also a provider of Cirrus Aircraft Transition and CAPS Training on a mint condition Generation 3 Cirrus SR20 GTS with Garmin Perspective avionics and autopilot systems, air conditioning and of course, Cirrus Aircraft’s patented CAPS ballistic parachute system – guaranteed to save lives when deployed within operating parameters.

Cirrus Transition and CAPS training is conducted in accordance with the factory-approved syllabus of training and graduates will receive Cirrus Certificates of Completion of CAPS and Transition Training.

As with all AAA courses, completion is competency-based and graduates are eligible to hire the aircraft upon completion (minimum hire periods and /or pre-requisites may apply – contact us for details). 

Course prerequisites:
  1. Be the holder of a RPL(A)  flight crew licence (or higher); and
  2. Have completed a AAA AHS or BAC Course (or recognised equivalent).
Course synopsis:

AAA AACC Course Info