Aerobatics Training and Flight Training Australia

The Australian Aerobatic Academy is a CASR Part 141 flight training organisation dedicated to providing Sydney with high-quality primary flight training, aerobatic training, advanced handling, and adrenaline-charged joy flights.

The Academy’s flight training mission is to provide our customers with the best possible training and customer service in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. Our team of highly skilled instructors and pilots are experienced and dedicated professionals who have qualified themselves beyond the minimum required standards to provide you with a higher standard of training.

Our flight training courses range from learn to fly courses (RPL) to Private Pilot Licence (PPL) navigation training and aerobatic endorsement training. Our aerobatics courses cover an array of disciplines, from Emergency Manoeuvre & Upset Recovery Training, basic aerobatic & spinning endorsements, through to advanced competition techniques. As Sydney’s aerobatic experts, we are the preferred supplier to a number of flight training organisations for Flight Instructor Rating spin training.

Are you looking to build or purchase an Experimental aircraft such as the Vans RV series? Our instructors are skilled in the art of flying high performance light aircraft and can provide you with transition training on your aircraft to enhance your aircraft handling skills and flight safety. We can provide you with an initial tail wheel endorsement in order to get you on your way!

Flying lessons at the Academy are heavily involved in training and supporting pilots for Australian aerobatic competitions. The Australian Aerobatic Academy is the only aerobatic flight training organisation in Sydney that can provide you with coaching from current advanced level aerobatic competitors with over 15 years of competition experience!

For the thrill-seeker, the Australian Aerobatic Academy offers a range of Aerobatic Joy Flight Experiences. Whether you’re learning to loop and roll in our Robin 2160 trainer or building on the basics in our Pitts Special advanced aerobatic biplane, our joy flights are a unique, exhilarating experience!

If you are looking to start your aviation journey, or continue an existing one and what you are after is high-quality flight training or the joy flight experience of a lifetime, look no further than the Australian Aerobatic Academy!